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Are you tired of spending countless hours of practicing on the range and seeing little to no improvement?

If so, then its time to stop searching and time to start improving. Tathata Golf is a revolutionary way to work on the awareness of your mind, body and spirit to help you transform your game and reach your desired potential.


Learn timeless martial arts striking principals paired with the movements of the greatest athletes and a series of mental training exercises which will prepare you to play with the mind and game of a champion. 

It is time to put an end to the many myths that you have been led to believe and to start realizing the many commonalities of the greatest players that allow them to harrness the power and control that you are searching for. 


You will learn how to strike the ball with a repeating swing giving you more and more confidence with every round. Learn to break through your own boundaries and take your game to new heights.

As a Certified Tathata Movement Specialist I am available for personal chapter follow up training, group movement clinics, and private instruction in person or via Skype.  For inquiries please click here.

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