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Dress Code? I thought this was a resort.

Oh how many times did I hear this while working in the Caribbean and look up to meet a person standing in front of me with a tank top, swim shorts and flip flops with a face of disgust.

Yes, some courses may be located at a beachfront or oceanside resort but that does not mean all the golf's traditions and dress requirements are thrown out to sea. Many of these resorts boast some of the best layouts from top course architects and also may have a membership affiliated with them, so yes, they still require you to adhere to a dress code to play.

How difficult is it to pack a collared golf shirt, a pair of socks and one pair of shorts that are not swim shorts or jean cut offs? I am sure you have room for this. If you don't want to pack the shirt, you could always buy a logoed shirt from the resort and when your friends back home ask what the logo is, you can brag about the oceanside layout that you brought to its knees.

So save yourself the embarrassment. If you are thinking of playing while you vacation or travel, take a golf outfit or at least go to the courses website or call and inquire about their dress code before you leave. And please, if you don't take a collared shirt, refrain from lambasting the poor girl in the golf shop that is only doing her job in informing you that you can't play in your favorite beer logoed tank top and ever fashionable cut off jean shorts. If you keep your calm and smile, she may even offer you a discount on some new apparel since you forgot your attire.

Ladies, this goes for you as well, no bikini top or short shorts. They are fantastic on the beach but not for the course.

Who knows you may even find that perfect golf outfit you always wanted, so at least you'll look like a pro, now lets see if you can play like one.

See you in the fairway.

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